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Check the following, it may save you a service call.

  • Check the Filter - replace if dirty
  • Check the Breaker - it may need to be reset
  • Check the Thermostat - make sure it is on the correct setting

SEER RATINGS - Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

  • The higher the SEER rating, the more you save on energy bills

  • 13 SEER air conditioner – the minimum level now made in the USA, by federal law – is about 30 percent more efficient than one with a 10 SEER rating.

Preventive Maintenance

Do not forget your Spring & Fall Check Up



Spring Check-up

  • check freon
  • check thermostat
  • check contactor
  • check motor amperages
  • check power connections
  • check filter
  • check coils for cleanliness (cleaning of coil is not included in checkup price)
  • check sequence of operation
  • check condensate drain, make sure it is open

Fall Checkup

  • check heat exchanger for defects
  • check pilot orifice
  • check and adjust fan limit control
  • check burner operation
  • check thermostat
  • check for carbon monoxide
  • check safety devices
  • check gas fittings for leaks
  • check sequence of operation